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Garment Bags

The TMR Garment Bag is an economical alternative to current market options, to keep your Dressage attire, Eventing / Racing Silks, Dancing Costumes, Formal Wear etc both clean and dust free as well as easy to locate, pickup and get going.

The Garment Bag has PVC viewing panels on the front so you can see what is inside without having to unzip the bag. Also a PVC Velcro closing pocket is on the front to store pins, catches, clips, armbands etc. It is fitted with an extra strong zip that opens the entire length of the bag and a reinforced hanger hole at the top.

There is also the option to print your own company details on the lapel or the back of the bags if wanting to advertise your own products e.g. dressage jackets and attire could also incorporate the Rider is dressed by... (whatever your company details may be). Dance Schools and Theatre Companies can advertise their logo whilst keeping costumes individualised for students in a clean and orderly manner. It is a very economical way to get your product promoted out in the arenas that you are targeting such as shows, concerts etc.

Being both durable and light weight for easy lifting/carrying, as well as being available at a significantly reduced cost from other similar products available in the market today this is certainly well worth considering.

Many colours available both in the garment bag itself and print options. Call us to discuss your options and ideas.