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Garden Bags

At TMR Woven Bags & Sacks, we produce high-quality garden bags that offer flexible functionality across a wide range of applications and industries. Made with durability and structural integrity in mind, our garden bags are available at great prices. Our factory’s based at 4/50 Station Street, Cranbourne VIC 3977 - to find out more or place a special order, call now on (03) 5996 8195!

garden bags

Sand Bags

A great use for these products is as garden waste bags. Collect green waste for verge collection or mulching purposes with ease – this long-lasting line can withstand the elements and maintain a tight seal.

Grow Bags Manufacturers

They’re also fantastic grow bags. At TMR, we’re grow bags manufacturers. Gippsland and other rural Victorian regions can rely on our heavy-duty garden bags as a more flexible alternative to garden pots. Plant your trees, bushes or flowers in one of our garden bags – retaining water well and maintaining its shape against the outward force of topped up soil, they’re fantastically portable. Get the most out of your garden with TMR’s grow bags.

Garden Waste Bags

Another use is as sand bags. If you need to quickly put up barriers on your property for any reason, these garden bags make great, easy-to-move and effective sand bags – call us now on (03) 5996 8195 to find out more or place your order.

With TMR Woven Bags & Sacks, you know you’re getting top-quality bags that will last. Ideal for rural and agricultural properties, garden bags are just some of what TMR can offer.

Garden Bags