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Bulk Bags

TMR Bulk Bags are now available Australia in many sizes, weight bearing capacities, and constructions.

To assist you in selecting the correct bag, here is a quick check list for you to follow up before you decide the most suitable for your particular application:

TMR Bulk Bags

Is it for single or multiple use?

What are your filling and emptying requirements?

What is the safe working load (capacity) to be achieved?

Once the bag is filled is it being stored indoors or outdoors?

The range of options available are numerous such as Duffel Top, Spout Top, Open Top, Flat Bottom, Spout Bottom and more (see image below).

All TMR Bulk Bags are fitted with heavy duty lifting loops on all four corners for safe and easy movement. U.V. stabilising is optional, depending on your storage requirements after filling.

TMR offer competitive prices and welcome enquiries for small and large orders. Bulk Bags with particular print or construction requirements can be discussed and quoted too.

Bulk Bags