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BOPP Laminated Polypropylene Bags

BOPP laminated polypropylene (PP) bags - or more simply known as "BOPP Bags" - are widely used for animal feed, such as dog/cat dry food, bird seed, horse feeds, specialised blends, etc.

TMR BOPP bags have unlimited application suitability with a printed finish that can include high end photographic images on the front of the bag and text and images relating to nutritional panels, bar codes or other product range references on the back of the BOPP bag.

Bopp Bags

Bopp Bags

In addition, there is also the option of Ezy Tear Opening Tabs on the top or bottom of the bag. Depending on your packing or filling requirements, this offers the end customer the ease of not having to have a knife or scissors on hand to open the bag, they simply tear the tab and have access to the product.

Transparent viewing panels can also be added to the construction of your BOPP bag. For example the back, full or half side gussets, top or bottom half sections of the front of the bag are a few options of what can be achieved in maximising the impact of your product on the shelf. If you have an excellent quality product why not display it through these transparent sections as an incentive for the customer to purchase your brand as opposed to the one next to it.

All of these available options can be combined to offer a highly marketable appearance to your product.

Bopp Bags